We offer what most other house buyers in the valley don’t…

A sincere interest in helping you solving your problem!

  • When we say we help, we actually mean we help

  • Our entire job is to do right by you and your home

    …and to solve the problem that you have at the moment

  • We are a husband-wife team

    When we started in this industry five years ago we made a promise to ourselves that we would not be like other agents in this business. It was a promise that we keep even today.

  • We are a local company, not a national chain

    Our family lives in your community and we want to help our neighbors in the Phoenix area.

In short, we wanted our family and friends to be proud of us and what we do: HELPING PEOPLE sell their houses in the Phoenix area.


Hi, my name is Bob. My wife Silvia and I are truly grateful for your visit.

We specialize in helping people facing challenges in Real Estate topics: foreclosure, bankruptcy, probate, divorce, rentals, etc.

First, an explanation on why we created this site

Some years ago we were facing economic challenges. The economy in Arizona and the US was not good and jobs were not stable. We faced foreclosure and lost our house.

Years before the foreclosure our situation was very different. Silvia and I were used to two salaries, certainty to keep them and a stable life. We have two young kids that we love and want the best for them. Life changes drastically and suddenly we were facing a crisis. Silvia lost her job, and I got a salary reduction. Foreclosure seems to be the most viable option ‘getting out of our problems’. We really didn’t know there were other options. We thank God we were healthy when facing the situation.

After Many Years

Many years have passed and we are still facing the consequences on that uneducated decision. Our credit score is still damaged. We are still paying a second mortgage on that house after a court judgment. We are continuously being rejected by new credit requests reminding us about that decision.

However we have learned the lesson. Today we are much more educated, in terms of Real Estate and on credit management. If we would understand all those options during our family crisis then our situation would be much different today.

In the last years we also have learned that many people are facing similar challenges. Call it threat of foreclosure, divorce, undesired rental properties, etc. Everyone has a story to tell. We also learned to continuously look for viable solution – in every case. Every problem has a solution.


Today we dedicate to help those that are facing similar challenges. We created this site to support you; to support people facing different kind of problems and provide viable solution. We specialize in real solutions in current Real Estate market.

We invite you to contact us and share with us your situation. Working together we can find a viable solution. Contact us here.


Silvia and Bob

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