Q. What repairs do I need to do for you to buy my house?


Buying your house “as is” is no problem for us; we take care of it. You don’t have to make any repairs to the property. We buy houses in any condition. Our approach differs from traditional sale where you need first to make all repairs and provide guarantees.

This is a great advantage as you do’t need to cash out those expenses and because of the time you save finding the right contractor and managing the work for you to sell the house.

Q. Are there additional costs to sell you the property?

A. We take care of all closing costs. You don’t need to make any repair; we take of the house as-is. Process is simple and fast.

Q. Can you buy a house if my debt is higher than the house value?

A. Sure. We have options for you.

Please contact us to discuss your particular situation. We may work together and find the best alternative for your particular situation.

Q: What if my house has a tenant inside? And the tenant is behind payments and doesn’t want to leave? Will you still buy my property?

A: Yes, those are properties of our interest as well. Our real estate professionals are highly skilled that they can easily deal with this kind of problem. Also, being in the business for years, we have already built a long-term relationship with the most reliable lawyers here in Phoenix, AZ. Therefore, we’re quite confident that we can help you.

Q. When do I need to move from the house?

Q. We close at the earliest. However we can work with you if you need to stay longer; even after closing. We have many cases where the seller needs to stay two or three after closing. We just need to talk about it and find a mutual agreement.

If you are looking to stay in the house after the sell and not move at all we have also options for you.

Q. Would you buy the house even if I am behind on payments or the property is in pre-foreclosure?

A. Absolutely!

If you are behind on payments or the property is already in pre-foreclosure we have options for you. Any of these situations would need to move fast and avoid any major consequences. Please contact us immediately so we work with you on the best options for you. Fill the form below to initiate the process.

Q. What is the next step after I provide you with my information?

A. This is a simple process:

We coordinate a time to come to your property and listen to your particular problem. Then we will offer you customized solutions specifically for your needs, often with a cash offer on your house…

Quick and simple for you!

So, what’s the next step?

Complete the Short Form below to get an offer on your house


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You’ll never be high-pressured to “sign on the dotted line”

We’ll give you an offer and you can talk it over with your spouse, children, and/or have an attorney look at it. If anyone tells you that you have to do it ‘right this second’ tell them goodbye and call us.

Don’t ever be worried about…

  • the condition of your house as we take care of the repairs – we buy your house in ANY condition
  • the size or location of your house
  • no closing costs as we pay them for you
  • selling price as we offer you a fair market price
  • simple process, fast and painless for you!

We can help you!