For Sale by Owner (FSBO)

Selling a property without the help of a Realtor can be such a hectic experience. The current market situation everywhere together with the need to dispose a property fast can make a seller prone to low offers. Apart from that, he/she might be subjected to a saturated market and they might be forced to make costly upgrades or improvements to their home in order for it to draw buyers.


Here are other challenges that you might face when you decide to sell your property by yourself;

1)Buyers’ Agents May Not Want to Show Your House To Their Prospects

arizona-home-for-saleIn a for-sale-by-owner or FSBO arrangement, the agents on the buyers’ side know that there is usually no professional on the other end of the deal which might mean a lot of snags to them. Even if a buyer insists on viewing your house, the agent might discourage him/her from doing so or from making an offer citing the drawbacks of trying to clinch the deal in the absence of an agent representing you. Most professionals representing buyers would view you as someone who is unreasonable, unrealistic and a difficult seller whom brokers have rejected.

2) Emotions Might Hinder You from Closing the Deal

Selling your home where you have lived for the better part of your life can be such an emotional process. You might feel very much attached to it and when this is so, you will be more than likely to make silly mistakes. For instance, you might refuse to counter low offers because of feeling offended or throw in the towel too easily especially when you have urgency for disposing the house or quote unrealistic prices.

3) Your Full Time Job Might Not Let You Meet with a Client

Sometimes a potential buyer might contact you wishing to see the house while you are at work. The questions are;

  • Would you leave the office and rush home for him/her?
  • Would you excuse yourself from an important board meeting every time that your mobile gadget rings to negotiate with them?
  • Would you have energy to put in some marketing efforts at the end of a long work day?

Your answer to all these questions is probably a very big “NO”.

4) You Will Subject Yourself to Unnecessary Showings

Can you determine easily whether or not an individual who wishes to view your property is really a potential buyer? It is a lot of work and a major disturbance every time you are forced to put your activities on hold to show the buyer around. If your property is listed as a “For Sale by Owner in Arizona”, you will have a lot of hard time dealing with people who only want to see and learn every detail of the house but not to buy it. This is a major waste of time and effort that you do not want.

However, fortunately, the advent of internet has provided an easy way out of all these challenges. Nowadays there are many websites which are ready to pay cash for properties for sale by owner. If you live in Arizona, you can easily get a good value for your house without having to go through the hassles and bustles of working with an agent.


Here are the benefits you are likely to get from selling your house for cash to any of these sites;

1) No Agent Commission

20100910232536895287000000-oThe primary role of an agent is to bring in clients in exchange for a certain amount of commission if a sale is made from this. Most agents take a significant amount out of the proceeds from a sale. For instance, if you enter into an agreement with one agent that you will pay him/her a commission of 10 percent of the total amount that you receive from a sale resulting from their effort and the sale value of your house is 100,000 dollars, you will have to part with 10,000 dollars if his/her efforts bear fruit. This is quite a lot of money that you do not have to part with if you sell your property to a website which is ready to pay for cash.

2) No Multiple Complicated Agreements

If you choose to work with multiple estate agents maybe to sell fast, that would constitute as a “Joint Sole Agency Agreement” and you would have to pay both agents regardless of the party that finds you a buyer! However, with these sites, that does not apply, all you have to do is to make an offer and if one of them concurs with that you get paid in cash for your home and you close the deal.

3) They Make the Process to Be Easier and Faster

Estate agents should make it easier for the seller to sell his/her house and for the buyer to purchase a home that they wish to acquire. However, this is contrary. These individuals make the process very difficult and complicated so that they can find a loophole to penalize a seller or a buyer who happens to breach. However, by opting for a reliable website which is offering to buy your property for cash you can be free from these bottlenecks and sell your house within no time regardless of the market situation.

4) Clearer Communication

If you deal directly with a reliable site which buys homes for cash, chances of anything getting lost in translation are nil. Today there are many crafty estate agents who twist the truth or deliberately forget crucial pieces of information in order to rip-off a seller. However, by dealing directly with any of these websites misrepresentation is taken out of the equation because they emphasize on honesty and also the process is pretty quick and leaves no time to distort pieces of information.

Before you list your property as a “For Sale by Owner in Arizona”, it is important that you get well educated in the FSBO steps. Try and understand all the laws and regulations regarding this so that you are safe from trouble. You could research online on the laws which govern this type of dealing in the state of Arizona or consult a qualified real estate attorney.